Teras Offshore Pte Ltd specialises in marine logistics and support services, with tailored expertise and a proven track record in the offshore oil and gas, and wind energy industries. We currently boast one of the largest and youngest fleets of ballastable vessels to cater to the upscale growth in offshore demand across Asia. In addition our fleet is further augmented by the sophisticated class of Liftboats or Jack-up rigs in the world –– the multi-purpose self-propelled jack-up rig ("Liftboat") and were among the forerunners to advocate the use of these multi-functional and cost-efficient technology to Southeast Asian markets and hopefully worldwide.

Teras Offshore develops, owns, charters, even manages and operates strategic offshore assets to suit every individual clients’ specific project requirements. We commit ourselves to offer the safest, most efficient and best cost-saving solutions to all of our projects.
Our Services 
  • Develop, own and charter various strategic offshore assets for the offshore oil and gas market (including self-elevating liftboats.
  • Transportation of offshore platforms
  • Transportation of offshore jackets
  • Transportation of piles and bridges
  • Logistics support for commissioning offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Transportation of pipe-laying equipment
  • Logistic support for pipe-laying operations
  • Maintenance of offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Logistics support for the decommissioning of offshore oil and gas platforms
  • Management of supply bases (Teras Australia)
  • Tug and barge operator

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